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Seeking disability from Social Security? Read this article...!

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    I am some kind of example of fool. I paid for my basic foolishness by way of  social securtity taxes.  I have been denied Three  times plus appeals  all the while  being disabled  and  thinking  I would  eventually  get  my  benifits. I could laugh  but it isn't funny. Our government is run by CRIMINALS  of the worst sort.

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 Emil , Thank you for the heads up to this article.

What will it take for some reform ? People who are hurting struggle for 2-3 years to get their disability ,and then recieve below poverty checks ?!!

 The way our country treats it's elderly , single mothers , disabled and poor is atrocious. How many millions  of dollars have we been helping other countries with while turning a blind eye to our own people ?

The governmental community lives lavishly , while in the next block of Washington there is one of the worst slums of all big cities. We practice dumping homeless people when they are discharged from hospitals. We let people die while waiting for assistance.

The Land of the Free ? The United States has a worse cast system than any other country ever had.

Who is on the bottom ? The disabled , the elderly , the poor and the homeless . We know who thinks they are at the top.

Our country hurts and kills more people daily through our unbelievable "system" than all the people who have lost their lives in Iraq.

It is time we start putting out our own fires and stop enabling the rest of the world.




Thank you for highlighting the part that encourages those of us who are fighting for disability . Knowing that the percentage that eventually win is so high is quite encouraging !



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Amazing, I have been living this miserable life now for 4 months only just now being denied my first time for disability.  I am a Married but Seperated now due to all this, trying to support myself and 2 children waiting for the govt to allow me something that I have earned from working (2 jobs most of the time).  I was diagnosed with ILD-RB, UCTD, and Maniac Depression almost 2 years ago.  I was discharged from my job that I had never had a bad review, write up or anything except exceptional reviews with extremely high pay increases and position change with nothing but raves about my work abilities,  all except the abscences for medical appts including open lung biospy and 1 week out of state outpatient diagnostic hospitalization.  Since then I have not been able to keep a job with everything going on.  My good highlight was I met up with my high school sweetheart and was married 01/19/07 and now to be seperated and headed for divorce due to the maniac depression with anxiety getting over bearing in my life.  Anyways back to the article - my children and I have been looking for a place to live, (without being involved in a homeless shelter) on the income of $403.  Which is what I receive from my local SRS office, but the keep my child support of $168. So due to my illnesses I have been forced to life with family, survive on $359, however, to keep receiving this income which I am greatful for, that I most attempt to get a job and go to whatever classes, testing, and appts to obtain employment.  HEEELLLLOOO its like SRS isn't listening if I go back to work then I lose my case,  Get doctor notes they say,  okay well, now I have medical card guess what my doctors don't accept it so now I have to switch to all new doctors and go thru what they think could help for my diseases that the other doctors haven't tried yet.  Blah, Blah, Blah, so now I have to play govt against govt with me in the middle more to add to the depression and anxiety like I didn't already have enough to deal with.  By the way my children are 17, 14, and 4 (my 14 lives with his dad in different state because of my illnesses ((and his)).  Thank you for this site and info. 

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There HAS to be a better way! Thank You Emil for bringing this to everyone's attention. At least they know to appeal and keep fighting. Until we all find a better way. 

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